Carpet cleaning tips and tricks from Acme Chem-Dry!

The Right Vacuum For Those With Allergies

One of the most effective ways to reduce indoor allergies is to have your carpets (which carry lots of dust and allergens) professionally cleaned every 3 months. That said, even these quarterly cleanings aren't enough to rid your home of allergens. To...

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10 Areas That Rarely Get Cleaned

If you're like most people, you probably have a consistent cleaning schedule that stays the same from week-to-week. You probably do the basic cleaning tasks such as sweeping the floors and wiping the counters, but you are forgetting many areas without even knowing it,...

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6 Steps Toward A Cleaner Home

Here at Acme Chem-Dry we want to help you have a healthier home, which is why today we're sharing these 6 home cleaning tips! 1. Regularly wipe down countertops. Countertops collect large amounts of dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens. As the place where...

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Getting the Most Out of Your Vacuum

Vacuuming: a job easy enough for most kids to do, yet a job so important to the overall cleanliness of a home. Vacuuming doesn't only help keep the carpets clean, but the air inside your home as well! We all know how to vacuum, so there's no need to write a blog post...

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How To Make Your Kids Enjoy Cleaning

Unless you hire your own personal housemaid, keeping the place clean and organized can sometimes be tricky, especially if you have children, pets, or a significant other. There is a lot to get done: bed to be made, floors to be mopped, dishes to be cleaned, and more!...

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Your Carpets Need Protection!

The appearance of a home is a reflection of the people who live there. That’s why we mow the lawn, wash the windows, and keep our homes looking nice. One of the first things people notice on the inside of a home is the color, style, condition and cleanliness of the...

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Choosing the Right Type of Carpet

Is the time to replace your home’s carpet approaching? Maybe your carpet is getting worn out, or maybe you’ve just had enough of the old 1970’s carpet in your house. The carpet plays a big role in your home. There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing new...

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Don’t Try These Jobs By Yourself

With the help of online videos and web-tutorials, DIY (Do It Yourself) projects are becoming a popular hobby among many motivated people. But no matter how many YouTube videos you watch, there are certain projects that will always be better done by the professionals....

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How A Clean Office Boosts Productivity

Why is it important to keep your office and workplace clean?  Office maintenance actually affects the people who spend time there in more ways than you might think. Here we’ll lay out some of the reasons why you should keep your office or business clean: Overall...

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How to Vacuum More Efficiently

Vacuuming your carpets regularly is vital in maintaining a clean and healthy home. Your vacuum can keep your carpets soft and unmatted by preventing soil from settling deep into your carpet while also improving the air quality in your home. We want to share some...

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Clean Your Home with These 5 Natural Products

Cleaning is a part of our regular routine and the products we choose to use make a big difference! As a Green carpet cleaning company, it’s our goal to help you have a clean healthy home by using products that are safe for your family and the environment.    ...

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Is Man’s Best Friend Carpet’s Worst Enemy?

We love our pets and treat them like they’re part of the family. They bring us happiness and companionship and enrich our lives. But unfortunately, joy isn't all they carry through our homes. Every time your pet walks outside then back into the house, it tracks a...

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Using Carpet Protectant Saves Your Carpets

Get Rid of Carpet Spots Using Protectant! We understand how proud homeowners are of the healthy and clean space they’ve created. When carpet is a crucial part of that indoor space, any imperfections in the fibers such as spots and stains can reflect negatively on your...

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Are Your Sniffles Caused by Work?

Did you know that 1 in 5 people suffer from allergies or asthma, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America? If you’re noticing a slight discomfort at work, chances are that others have too. It’s important to promote a healthy and productive work...

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Why Do Some Stains Never Completely Go Away?

You are probably familiar with trying your best to clean up a stain in your carpet, only to have it reappear a few days later. Don’t be frustrated, there might be more going on here than you may realize. Hopefully this blog post can help you can understand what is...

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